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I was researching dred locks for the book I’m working on and I came across some hairdressers trying to mimic Gyaru girls. “What is a Gyaru girl?” I aksed myself, and decided to delve into this strange world–instead of working on my book for the time being. OH PROCRASTINATION. Gyaru means “gal.” These girls are also known as “ganguro” which means very dark–you’ll see…

Hime (princess) gyaru

These japanese girls go tanning regularly and dye their hair brown or blonde. They wear a lot of pink and dress like cute princesses. We all have to do something to escape our mundane lives! Why not do it with clothes, right?

On to the more extreme fashions of adolescent Japan–

More gyaru girls–these girls wear very bright colors and flowers-everywhere! Mostly hawaiian leis and hibiscus flowers. Platform shoes make them taller They paint their faces dark brown and paint their lips and eyes white. Blue contacts and bleached blonde hair complete the ensemble. As a way of rebelling against society’s idea of ideal beauty, these japanese girls traded their dainty sailor school uniforms for these outrageous looks. Their inspirations, according to some, are California girls, with their tanned skin and blonde hair.

It gets better!!



Yamanba!!–Inspired by Yama-uba or “mountain hag.”

Same idea as the rest of the gyaru girls only much darker and they paint their faces like pandas.

Read on…

Gyaru Girl Magazine “Egg”


Click “Dolly Eyes” to read about the contact lenses that lighten their eyes and make them look bigger and more “doll-like!”


One thing I love about the Gyaru girls is their nails! I would love to get my nails done like this for my wedding or something!!









Gwen Stefani adopted some of the Japanese style on her trip to Japan. Her Harajuku girls have brought Gwen a fair share of followers and criticism. Harajuku is a general name for the area around Harajuku station in Japan. Street fashions abound here! No wonder Gwen liked it there!

Gwen's Harajuku girls

Gwen's Harajuku girls

Harajuku picture from: The Cambridge East-Asian Cultural Society

Here is a great video about Gyaru Fashion from Kawaii TV. Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese.

3 comments on “Trendy Japanese

  1. The yamamba and gangaro styles are not as popular now. I think that peaked about five years ago. You still see a lot of gyaru with dyed hair and fake fingernails, though.

  2. Hey, i really love japanese fashion, and if you liked gyaru, try looking up Lolita, and Vivienne Westwood, it’s a lot like this, only more to the extreme. the shops for it are ‘Baby, the starts shine bright’ and ‘Angelic Pretty’! check it out!

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