Tyra’s Natural Hair Reveal!

So, Tyra revealed her hair, sans weave/wig, yesterday and she had it styled on stage. I thought it looked good after it was styled and it turns out she isn’t as crazy over her wigs as the gossip mags thought. She has went without fake hair in the past! No, she’s not bald and she didn’t shave her head!

One comment on “Tyra’s Natural Hair Reveal!

  1. love your blog. i enjoy your search into the beauties of 30’s,40’s and 50’s. i remember my mom making her hair up like Veronica Lake with a ton of hair spray. we’re still trying to get those big cat eyes,and luscious ruby lips. i don’t think we’ll ever stop trying. but we need to do it without hurting or mutilating ourselves. keep up the great info. we need to get informed on alternatives.
    love jaz

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