DAINTY Just for Fun!!

Look at the lovely links I have so lovingly provided!!

Dainty June

Dainty June has an adorable summer collection called “She’s Like a Rainbow.”

My favorite dress on the site
My favorite dress on the site

Click here to see where you can find Dainty June.

Dainty Diva Designs has a selection of cute accessories for girls.
I love this charm bracelet and it’s only $7.00!
daintydollThis chick may look dainty but her tunes aren’t! She is a dj from the UK specializing in psychadelic trance music–great for clubbing or just dancing around the house alone…
  If you REALLY want to be Dainty, you have to use the right SOAP!
–Lux soap makes your skin dainty! But I can’t get it in America so I have to settle for Dove.
I love Dove because it doesn’t dry out my skin!!
If you want to take DAINTY to a “whole ‘nother level!”
You migopalht want to consider wearing DAINTY jewelry!!
  http://youravon.com/jsiino —shipping directly to you for only $3!!!
This pretty stone from Avon reminds me of Bella’s ring from Twilight-click the ring to order!
The right makeup will bring out your inner DAINTINESS
Click on the pics to order from my trusted Avon lady, Jasmin Siino!! I’ve always loved Avon and higly recommend it!
  http://youravon.com/jsiino —shipping directly to you for only $3!!!
What 50s gal didn’t want to smell dainty?
Smell like a 50s glamour queen!
Finally, if you want to go to the EXTREMES of DAINTINESS…I suggest you get a Dainty tattoo…

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