That Time of the Month?

Until very recently, I was not aware of the alternatives to pads and tampons.

Phreaky Boutique —moonstone earringsThis site sells handmade “Moon Pads.” They are just like normal menstrual pads but are made out of cotton and fleece. The seamstress, Erin, makes them with different fabrics and adds little wings with button snaps to stay on your panties! $11.50 each/large pad w/ 2 liners and $9 each/medium pad with no liner (three layers of fleece).



Menstrual cups– Cups made of silicone or latex–inserted like tampon–sit below the cervix–can be left in for 12 hours and reused after emptying–NO known risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)–no leakage or odor if used properly–save $$$ in the long run and have confidence!!!

Diva Cup –Diva Cups are sold in Cup #1 for pre-childbirth or below 30 yo and Cup #2 for post-chilbirth and 30+ years. Depending on where you order from, they can be from $20 to $40 online. They can be found on and earrings

Mooncup —moonstone earringsThis site has some information about the Mooncup, and a pdf Lunar calendar so you can know when the moon is in Uranus. The Mooncup website is unable to send mooncups to the US, but Mooncups are available on pharmacy websites.  Around $40.



Those are just two examples of menstrual cups! There are many more out there to choose from.

How to use the cups:

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