Beautiful, long, shiny, silky, curly, fragrant, soft, bouncy hair!


Got your attention? I don’t have this hair…naturally. My hair is coarse and dry, and my curls are unruly. But, when it is properly conditioned and styled, my hair can look beautiful! And so can yours!!

I am half Puerto Rican, a quarter Irish, and a quarter Italian. My hair is thick, curly, and frizzy. I’m not really sure if my ethnic group influenced the type of hair I have, in particular, but I associate being Puerto Rican and Italian with heavy, curly hair.

Curly hair breaks easily, so be gentle with it! When washing it, make sure the water isn’t too hot because it can dry your hair out. I wash my hair, first thing, in the shower. I like Sunsilk and Herbal Essences Shampoo and conditioner because it works and is affordable. I like Herbal Essences conditioner better! First, I shampoo and try to concentrate only on my scalp. The least amount of shampoo on the ends of your hair is best. After I rinse, I put enough conditioner in the palm of my hand to saturate my hair. I rub it in from the base of my neck down. I don’t waste the conditioner on my scalp because it really doesn’t need the moisture.

When I rinse the conditioner I try to leave just a little bit in because that seems to keep it a little softer.




I use a moisturizing styling creme like Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness smoothing leave in creme.

I brush it through my hair and wait until my hair dries a little. Then I use some Aussie gel for curly hair. I work it through and scrunch. After it air dries the curls look perfect!


Lately, my hair has become too long and heavy to manage! I need a change!!

I went on great website for cheap makeup (but that’s for another post!). If you create an account (just your email address is needed) you can give yourself a virtual makeover complete with hairstyle, color, and makeup!

Go on and click on Virtual Makeover!!!

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