Support Your Local Boutiques!!

My friend Desiree and I were strolling along an outdoor mall the other day. We came upon a little boutique selling handmade jewelry, bags, scarves, and other accessories. Desiree told me she always tries to buy something at these little boutiques to help keep them in business because she likes the personal atmosphere. You can always be sure to get a one-of-a-kind piece at a genuine boutique.

I think she’s right, and even if you couldn’t get to a boutique, there are plenty of websites selling handmade pieces, some even for a good cause. Why order from a designer collection when you can order something unique? Click on the pics to order.

Dasha Boutique of San Francisco has a wonderful selection of handmade jewelry, and a collection for weddings.

moonstone earrings

These lovely moonstone and rock crystal earrings are also available in yellow jade and vermeil. The unique design catches the light beautifully.








Get the necklace to match!moonstone earrings                        


Pearl, moonstone, and crystal necklace–$155







Sounds a little steep?

Check out Matilda’s Boutique of New Mexico.

moonstone earrings




Blue quartz, amethyst, and sterling silver earrings–$25

moonstone earrings



These handmade glass beads from India caught my eye!






ASK–Africa Schools of Kenya

Beadwork symbolizes unique aspects of the Maasai culture. One-of-a-kind handmade pieces were lovingly crafted by the Maasai mothers of Esiteti School. ASK is donating 100% of the money raised through the sale of this jewelry to support their community.


moonstone earrings


$15 per strand (includes shipping)

moonstone earrings


Medallion necklances–$18 each (includes shipping)








Go on if you want to while away the hours. WARNING! It is addicting! me


With a Cherry on Top earrings from Nolaladysplace2 on etsy$7









Poppy Necklace Art Nouveau by chincherie on etsy–$15







Tinkly Winkler Stained Glass Wind Chime by chimezone on etsy –$24

One comment on “Support Your Local Boutiques!!

  1. This is a very interesteing topic. In a world of ever increasing mergers of business from the banks down to the corporate farms it becomes difficult for the small business to stay afloat. Its very easy to out compete the little guy or mom and pop business for corporations who can afford short term losses by charging prices not profitable for the little guy. New York City manufacturing now depends on its various cultures to produce manufactures using materials from around the world. Many ethnicities use their traditions in NY to create a niche market which has helped manufacturing surge during a time of outsourceing traditional nyc manufacturing like textiles and clothing oversees. You should do a little research on this topic its pretty fascinating. Great work.

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