Change Your Hair…

Without Going to the Salon!

Hairdo by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves.

Jessica Simpson Bangs

Now you can have your bangs, and never have to grow them out!









 Available in 9 colors, these bangs are available on,, and salons. Check the website for where you can purchase them.  They are very easy to put in and take out and look very natural. I know what a pain it is to grow bangs out! They are more affordable than other extensions (around $30) and I think they are the most natural look.

3 comments on “Change Your Hair…

  1. I found out about these soon after I cut bangs into my hair. Real bangs on me are so hard to deal with. They don’t lay right and I have to style them, which never turns out looking good enough. I’m currently growing them out. They’re long enough that I don’t have to mess with them, but at the same time someone could still tell I have bangs, so they’re not grown out all the way. I’ve been thinking of getting these after mine are grown out completly. They probably will look better than my real bangs too.

  2. I really want this or one of the other wigs but I don’t even know what color I would be. I think I would have to see the colors in person.

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