The Gobbler








What a strange journey I’ve just embarked upon…

I’m not sure how it happened-some sort of stream of consciousness took over my mind.

I was looking on the Frederick’s of Hollywood site, and pure curiosity led me to its wikipedia entry, where I found “The Institute of Official Cheer.” Its Fredericks of Hollywood catalog circa 1977 had me mesmerized, so I dug deeper, only to find the home website with a video playing a moving slideshow of the 1958 lifestyle.  Increasingly interested in the lifestyles of the past, I scrolled down a little, I found this…


Lileks (James) :: The Gobbler--

And I clicked on it, clicked through the entire tour, and now I’m creeped out and feel like i just came out of a haunted house.

3 comments on “The Gobbler

    • No ghosts! It’s just a silly thing I found. It’s a walkthrough of a bizarre motel from the 70s and then some pictures of it when it got turned into a King Arthur’s Inn before it was demolished. You go through all of the pictures thinking of how ugly and weird it all is, and then when your get to the pictures of it years later, when it’s old and decrepit, you think of all the places you go to now that look like that (old department stores). They must have looked really strange when they were first built, too.

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