Hairdos Throughout the Ages~~Europe


Diamond hair clips and tiara (1899)









Hairstyles have gone through fantastic changes throughout the years! From high fashion to reserved, history repeats itself!

17th Century~~~~~~~>


Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eliz_bohemia_3


HUGE hair was in this century~~

 A high forehead was a sign of beauty and prestige. So women shaved the front of their heads to push back their hairline!

 That’s a lot of hair jewelry…

















big hair of the 17th century











 Some men and women used horsehair to make their hair bigger and molded their hairstyles over birdcages and springs.




pretty curls 17th century 








17th Century–pretty curls frame this unknown lady’s face









Stick pin common in the 17th century. Hair decoration inside is probably a memorial to a loved one.

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