Addicted to Surgery!!

We all know we  have cosmetic surgery as an option to stay young looking and beautiful. But some go to extremes and instead of enhancing their features, they have them altered until they are almost unrecognizable.

Meg Ryan:

 Nicole Kidman

Courtney Cox

by denee34

 Rose McGowan has great pictures of lots of celebrity surgeries gone wrong…

2 comments on “Addicted to Surgery!!

  1. Call it the fountain of youth, call it eternal life, call it plastic surgery – bottom line is we are not content with the here and now. We always project things instead of living them. Obviously you end up looking and acting like a clown. At least in this respect, oriental cultures offer a model we might want to consider. In the Arab world a woman is still considered beautiful at 60 with a couple of extra pounds and wrinkles. Nobody is on a diet, and the more voluptuous the woman, the more desirable she is. Our women are in a constant competition against each other, against time, and against men. Needless to say they all lose, inevitably. It’s not the women’s fault – all is big time culturally conditioned. And culture, here as anywhere else, is produced and reinforced by men.The greater the need to cater to male desires, the bigger the temptation to run and get a boob job done.

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