No one’s writing letters anymore! No one’s even calling on the phone! So, now that texting is the thing, people can compare telephone conversations to letter writing. It’s personal because you can hear the other person’s voice! But texting is writing, hence the word “text” in “texting,” isn’t it? What do you think?

3 comments on “Texting

  1. I think texting is made for short and sweet conversations. Sure you can text someone thank you, but there’s nothing like receiving a letter. Writing a letter is an art. It is the fact that someone took time to pick a card or stationary and write it with you in mind.

  2. I almost never text. Half of me doesn’t do it because of the coldness and business-transaction-nuance of the communication (“Let’s tell George that I love him as quickly and efficiently as I can between wiping my ass and calling my boss”), the other half because it’s almost impossible for me to text on my Nokia business phone with my long nails. :-))) So usually I call.
    And when there’s something really important to say, I write or talk. Period.

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