Vulvalicious Vajewelry by the Creature Seeker!

Big cats can be dangerous, but a little pussy never hurt anyone!


Vulvalicious Vajewelry from Creature Seeker's Dark Market.

Vulvalicious Vajewelry from Creature Seeker’s Dark Market.

Why is everyone getting all “cunt-hurt” over artist Eric “Creature Seeker” Brown’s new pendants? It’s because they depict realistic, hand sculpted vulvas set in lovely cabochon settings, and it’s just too much for some to handle!

It seems that all the Creature Seeker wants to do is prove that vulvas aren’t ugly and that he’s just really good at sculpting the feminine private part!

Some puzzled Facebook users panicked at the sight of Brown’s pussy pendants. Nancy Draper commented “Stupid!” While some other not-so-subtle critics, like Mary Ann Laffoon with “Obviously the creators and sellers of this trash lack the intelligence and class of a dead fly,” which makes no sense to this dainty darling. I’m sure Hörður Heimisson’s comment of a vomiting emoji didn’t have the Creature Seeker shedding a tear, but nonetheless, the remark was uncalled for! Barry Hobbs Jr. commented, “murder me now,” but quickly changed his mind and is pining for a “four finger ring that’s a big wonger.” Perhaps some phallic frills are in the Creature Seeker’s future portfolio.

Vulvalicious Vajewelry from Creature Seeker's Dark Market.

Vulvalicious Vajewelry from Creature Seeker’s Dark Market.

The internet is a scary place, but there are some points of light. For example, Soror Esper Grenat  gushes, “Awesome! I appreciate the fact they appear to have that wet sheen to them.” 

This is just round one for the Creature Seeker. Wonder what else he has up his pant leg? Perhaps a Youtube show? Stay tuned to Creature Seeker’s Dark Market for all the deviant drama.


Halloween with Kandee Johnson

Kandee is an amazing artist and I definitely suggest you watch all of her youtube videos. She’s got tons of costume videos so if you don’t know what to be for Halloween, she can give you some great ideas. I love this one…

She looks just like Betty Boop!

Skin as pink and white as a newborn (white) baby’s bottom

I saw this on youtube, and thought immediately: I want that!! Not because I want to be white, but because I want my skin to look brighter. I think there is a difference, but a lot of the people who comment on the commercials for Pond’s Flawless White and White Beauty were appalled and thought it was racist. Perhaps it’s the name of the product. Maybe it should be Flawless Bright or Bright Beauty. Unless some of the women in Asia use this product because they want white skin and not just bright skin. Perhaps they feel self-conscious if their skin is dark.

Is this wrong? There’s probably some people out there who wish the women these commercials are aimed at would accept themselves for who they are. Unless they just want to get rid of a few spots.

I know the lady looks pretty white at the end of this commercial. Almost like she’s wearing face paint.

But other commercials just show some dark spots fading away.

What do you think? Is race seen differently in Asia than in the United States? What do you think the races are of the people who commented on these videos?

I came upon this website quite a while ago, just puttering around on the internet, wondering what I could do to be “elegant” and “classy.” But I really didn’t know what that was.


How to be Elegant

This article explains it all!

Elegance is not just being lovely. If you are conscious of all of your actions, from the way to dress to the way you walk across a room, you can be elegant. Think of it as a kind of meditation. Being elegant can encompass the whole of a life–just stop to think of how you want to do any one thing: how you want to deal with an argument, how you want to dress, and how you want to socialize. Elegance is not about money. It’s about demeanor and philosophy. It’s just as important to care for yourself as it is to care what others think about you. If you are “true to yourself,” others that are of like minds will flock to you. I feel like this has been said many many times, but Eunice, the creator of the site, explains it all so well. She tells that the root of the meaning of the word “elegant” is “authentic.” So care enough about yourself to wonder, “what makes me authentic?” And then you will be on your way to being elegant.

Pi Phi Under Fire

I don’t know what the big deal is! I read the whole list here and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. No frumpy clothes? I don’t think this is too much to ask. No caked on black eye makeup? So what?

Cornell’s Pi Phi certainly doesn’t sound like the sororoties in the movies.

House Bunny

I think that girls nowadays should all try to look there best and care about the way they look and how people see them. The way women dress and take care of themselves show how much respect they have for themselves.

House Bunny poster

What do you think? Click on the link to read the list.

Beauty Pageants!

Poor Girl!

Beauty pageants can be good or evil, depending on the contestant, and those behind the contestant. Namely, the pageant mothers! Some pageant mothers push their daughters to excel in the pageants whether their little hearts are in it or not. But others do it just because their daughters wish to be in the pageants.

I think pageants can be a good thing in the development of little girls. They develop confidence and self awareness. They have a lot of attention focused on them while they are preparing for the pageants, and are encouraged to take care of themselves and practice proper ettiquette in their actions and speech.

Sometimes children need to be pushed to be their best and to find their own motivations in life. But some parents can come down too hard on their children, and the pageant experience can be unpleasant. Kids are impressionable, and I think some subjects should be approached gently or not at all. With food and weight, girls should be taught how to eat healthy, and that not eating enough, is just as unhealthy and unacceptable as eating too much.

I am obsessed with King of the Crown and Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC. When I have a daughter, I would definitely want to put her in pageants, if she wants to!

The prizes in the younger pageants are usually money or savings bonds. The Miss America prizes include scholarships. The Mrs. America prizes include lots of certificates for gowns and gym memberships. Glittery stuff. Stuff I would like.