Vulvalicious Vajewelry by the Creature Seeker!

Big cats can be dangerous, but a little pussy never hurt anyone!


Vulvalicious Vajewelry from Creature Seeker's Dark Market.

Vulvalicious Vajewelry from Creature Seeker’s Dark Market.

Why is everyone getting all “cunt-hurt” over artist Eric “Creature Seeker” Brown’s new pendants? It’s because they depict realistic, hand sculpted vulvas set in lovely cabochon settings, and it’s just too much for some to handle!

It seems that all the Creature Seeker wants to do is prove that vulvas aren’t ugly and that he’s just really good at sculpting the feminine private part!

Some puzzled Facebook users panicked at the sight of Brown’s pussy pendants. Nancy Draper commented “Stupid!” While some other not-so-subtle critics, like Mary Ann Laffoon with “Obviously the creators and sellers of this trash lack the intelligence and class of a dead fly,” which makes no sense to this dainty darling. I’m sure Hörður Heimisson’s comment of a vomiting emoji didn’t have the Creature Seeker shedding a tear, but nonetheless, the remark was uncalled for! Barry Hobbs Jr. commented, “murder me now,” but quickly changed his mind and is pining for a “four finger ring that’s a big wonger.” Perhaps some phallic frills are in the Creature Seeker’s future portfolio.

Vulvalicious Vajewelry from Creature Seeker's Dark Market.

Vulvalicious Vajewelry from Creature Seeker’s Dark Market.

The internet is a scary place, but there are some points of light. For example, Soror Esper Grenat  gushes, “Awesome! I appreciate the fact they appear to have that wet sheen to them.” 

This is just round one for the Creature Seeker. Wonder what else he has up his pant leg? Perhaps a Youtube show? Stay tuned to Creature Seeker’s Dark Market for all the deviant drama.


Nostalgic for the 1990s?

Me too! My memories of the (early to mid) ’90s include my aunt cutting her hair into asymmetrical bobs à la T-boz and a mixture of gangsta menswear and aerobics spandex. But that was for the older folks. I was too busy watching cartoons. Althoug I did dress up like Chile for Halloween.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to mention slap bracelets. Or was that the 80s?




Image by niallkennedy via Flickr

I used to have some pretty serious unicorn pogs. In case you didn’t know, these were really popular back in the mid to late 90s. They were made of plastic or cardboard and the “slammers” were made of some other material and were a little heavier. Pile the pogs and hit them with side of the slammer. The player with the most face-up pogs won. I think that’s how it went.



Are those flowers for me? *Swoon*–JTT, or Jonathan Taylor Thomas, was the love of every girl’s life when I was younger. My ballet classmates and I would exchange Tiger Beats and wish we could go to Hollywood and tell him how much we loved him.

Jelly Sandals?!!!

Every girl had to have jellies. I’m going to say around ’97. I hade clear glitter jellies and although I’ve heard people complaining that even though they hurt your feet, they were still the style–they never hurt my feet. These purple ones are so cute I’d wear them now!


I had a smiley face patch on the butt of my jeans and everyone thought that was pretty cool. Usually, the patches were ironed on to backpacks or skater jeans.

Mary Janes?

White t-strap Mary Janes

Cher's Mary Janes--loved these then and still want them now! Don't know who Cher is? For Shame!!!! Go watch "Clueless."

These would have been so awesome to have in 7th/8th grade. Yes this is how the girls in my class dressed (or at least how I dressed!). I think Cher Horowitz popularized these in the 90s.  I know they were popular in other decades but, can’t you see a pattern? Everything else was, too! How unoriginal.

I thought I would have come up with more, but that was exhausting.

Pi Phi Under Fire

I don’t know what the big deal is! I read the whole list here and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. No frumpy clothes? I don’t think this is too much to ask. No caked on black eye makeup? So what?

Cornell’s Pi Phi certainly doesn’t sound like the sororoties in the movies.

House Bunny

I think that girls nowadays should all try to look there best and care about the way they look and how people see them. The way women dress and take care of themselves show how much respect they have for themselves.

House Bunny poster

What do you think? Click on the link to read the list.



Punk kind of started it all. In the mid 1970s, punk came on the scene in the US and UK with hard and fast beats and radical style. The Clash, the Ramones, and The Sex Pistols are some classic Punk  bands that originated in the 70s.

Punk style can include mohawks, brightly colored hair, leather jackets, lots of piercings, torn band tees and jeans, among other fashions… rebel against society, so they also rebel against mainstream trends! They don’t wear name brands. They wear combat boots, Dr. Martens, listen to the Misfits and the Ramones, and wear Anarchy symbols on their leather jackets…


Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens































Hairdos Throughout the Ages~~Europe


Diamond hair clips and tiara (1899)









Hairstyles have gone through fantastic changes throughout the years! From high fashion to reserved, history repeats itself!

17th Century~~~~~~~>


Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Eliz_bohemia_3


HUGE hair was in this century~~

 A high forehead was a sign of beauty and prestige. So women shaved the front of their heads to push back their hairline!

 That’s a lot of hair jewelry…

















big hair of the 17th century











 Some men and women used horsehair to make their hair bigger and molded their hairstyles over birdcages and springs.




pretty curls 17th century 








17th Century–pretty curls frame this unknown lady’s face









Stick pin common in the 17th century. Hair decoration inside is probably a memorial to a loved one.

Goth, Punk, emo. Kids these days… (1 OF A SERIES OF 3)

Goth, Punk, emo.What’s the difference? I don’t know but I’m willing to find out!


When I think of Goth, I think of black lipstick and combat boots. Lots of piercings and mohawks. Sure, there is a lot of that. Goth got its origins from Gothic literature as well as the victorian era (think Sleepy Hollow and Dracula), all the way up to the 1970s and 80s (Punk). So its kind of an offshoot of early Punk. To be a Goth is to reject some of the values and norms of society. Not to paint them as deviants but just as free-thinkers. Those who think “outside the box.” Preston A. Elder, owner of   GothNetButton03 , put it all together nicely:

Modern goth (ignoring where the name itself originally comes from) started in the early 80’s as part of the punk subculture (which is itself was a rejection of most societal values, and anything considered part of the ‘norm’). The phrase was coined by the band manager of Joy Division, Anthony H. Wilson, who described the band as ‘Gothic compared with the pop mainstream’. The term stuck, and as punk eventually died, Goth survived and became its own subculture. The punk clothing and hairstyles mellowed, and the core ‘rejection of society’ attitude alone lived on in the gothic subculture.

The clothes and makup Goths wear, as well as the style of music they listen to differ from person to person, but to give a general idea…

Check out the mainly black clothes, white face makeup, and scary eyes. Pretty stereotypical, right?
Here is a lovely picture of Kerli, a singer from Estonia, known by her fans as a “Goth Princess.” I think she is more pop/rock though!
Great song for “New Moon”
Goth Girl--Photo Credit--Steffe

Goth Girl--Photo Credit--Steffe

the cure

The Cure–Goth Rock band since the late 70s.

There’s lots more to learn about the subculture, Goth. Check out these sites for more—,— and this fun goth blog–

MTV VMA Fashion and STYLE

Lady Gaga stands out. Sadly, she is the only one. Boy, if I were rich and famous, I would stand out!!! Most of the ladies are wearing silver like it’s a dress code. Oh well!!

lady gaga




This doesn’t look very comfortable, but at least it’s interesting!






lady gaga 





Red shroud with matching chef’s hat/crown



lady gaga

lady gaga









lady gaga








Lady Gaga







Not very flattering, Pink.



Beyonce and Taylor Swift



The ladies in red…

How sweet of Beyonce to let Taylor Swift have her time to speak!







Alicia Keys





Loved Alicia Keys’ sparkly pants






Amerie’s pretty green dress









I don’t even want to post a bunch of silver dresses…

Support Your Local Boutiques!!

My friend Desiree and I were strolling along an outdoor mall the other day. We came upon a little boutique selling handmade jewelry, bags, scarves, and other accessories. Desiree told me she always tries to buy something at these little boutiques to help keep them in business because she likes the personal atmosphere. You can always be sure to get a one-of-a-kind piece at a genuine boutique.

I think she’s right, and even if you couldn’t get to a boutique, there are plenty of websites selling handmade pieces, some even for a good cause. Why order from a designer collection when you can order something unique? Click on the pics to order.

Dasha Boutique of San Francisco has a wonderful selection of handmade jewelry, and a collection for weddings.

moonstone earrings

These lovely moonstone and rock crystal earrings are also available in yellow jade and vermeil. The unique design catches the light beautifully.








Get the necklace to match!moonstone earrings                        


Pearl, moonstone, and crystal necklace–$155







Sounds a little steep?

Check out Matilda’s Boutique of New Mexico.

moonstone earrings




Blue quartz, amethyst, and sterling silver earrings–$25

moonstone earrings



These handmade glass beads from India caught my eye!






ASK–Africa Schools of Kenya

Beadwork symbolizes unique aspects of the Maasai culture. One-of-a-kind handmade pieces were lovingly crafted by the Maasai mothers of Esiteti School. ASK is donating 100% of the money raised through the sale of this jewelry to support their community.


moonstone earrings


$15 per strand (includes shipping)

moonstone earrings


Medallion necklances–$18 each (includes shipping)








Go on if you want to while away the hours. WARNING! It is addicting! me


With a Cherry on Top earrings from Nolaladysplace2 on etsy$7









Poppy Necklace Art Nouveau by chincherie on etsy–$15







Tinkly Winkler Stained Glass Wind Chime by chimezone on etsy –$24

DAINTY Just for Fun!!

Look at the lovely links I have so lovingly provided!!

Dainty June

Dainty June has an adorable summer collection called “She’s Like a Rainbow.”

My favorite dress on the site
My favorite dress on the site

Click here to see where you can find Dainty June.

Dainty Diva Designs has a selection of cute accessories for girls.
I love this charm bracelet and it’s only $7.00!
daintydollThis chick may look dainty but her tunes aren’t! She is a dj from the UK specializing in psychadelic trance music–great for clubbing or just dancing around the house alone…
  If you REALLY want to be Dainty, you have to use the right SOAP!
–Lux soap makes your skin dainty! But I can’t get it in America so I have to settle for Dove.
I love Dove because it doesn’t dry out my skin!!
If you want to take DAINTY to a “whole ‘nother level!”
You migopalht want to consider wearing DAINTY jewelry!! —shipping directly to you for only $3!!!
This pretty stone from Avon reminds me of Bella’s ring from Twilight-click the ring to order!
The right makeup will bring out your inner DAINTINESS
Click on the pics to order from my trusted Avon lady, Jasmin Siino!! I’ve always loved Avon and higly recommend it! —shipping directly to you for only $3!!!
What 50s gal didn’t want to smell dainty?
Smell like a 50s glamour queen!
Finally, if you want to go to the EXTREMES of DAINTINESS…I suggest you get a Dainty tattoo…