The Most Beautiful Woman in the World?

Aishwarya Rai:

Of course, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but she is beautiful.

Aishwarya Rai



No one’s writing letters anymore! No one’s even calling on the phone! So, now that texting is the thing, people can compare telephone conversations to letter writing. It’s personal because you can hear the other person’s voice! But texting is writing, hence the word “text” in “texting,” isn’t it? What do you think?

Look Thinner and More Beautiful Instantly!

Sit up straight!

Not only will you look better, but your back will benefit in the long run. Your spine and pelvis like to be positioned a certain way, and it’s bad enough that some of us have to either sit on our butts, or stand on our feet for hours during work. Sitting can be hard on our spines and pelvis so excellent posture can build up the muscles in your back and prevent future injuries.

You may not realize when you are sitting hunched over in your chair, how absurd you look! When people aren’t sitting up straight they look tired, bored, worn out, short, or just lazy. Sitting up straight gives the illusion that you’re taller than you really are. You can try this when you’re out with friends or at the office. Look around at everyone’s posture.  Are they hunched over, or sitting up straight? Who looks better? Then sit up straight yourself, put your shoulders back, and lift your chin a little to elongate your neck. You will realize that you’re head is higher than some of your taller friends, and that you even feel better, more regal. Ballerinas, belly dancers, and other performers always make sure that their posture is correct so they look graceful and elegant. A longer neck makes you look thinner and gets rid of a small double-chin!

 Miley would look much prettier if she was standing up straight with her shoulders back and her head held high!

Taylor Swift with great posture on the red carpet! 

Most women are of an average height of between 5’2” and 5’6”, so sitting in certain chairs for long periods of time may be uncomfortable.  In my experience, most office chairs (that can’t be adjusted) and restaurant chairs are not made for women this short. It’s almost a stretch just for my feet to lay flat on the floor! So a good way of sitting up straight and being comfortable while sitting is to move all the way to the edge of the seat. My feet lay flat on the floor and take the pressure off of my back while maintaining proper posture!

Women (and men) used to take great pains to have perfect posture. Corsets weren’t just used to make the waist smaller, but to force one to sit up straight. The bones in the corset prevented any kind of slouching. Even children were made to wear corsets as a kind of training in good posture.

From "History of Corsets" on


 After a while, your back may get tired or stiff from sitting up straight. Give your back a little break by getting up and walking around. Bend backward and forward slightly and from side to side to give yourself a little stretch, but don’t overdo it. You may also sit all the way back in your chair. Most office chairs are made to mold the contours of your back. Use it to give your back a rest, or as a reminder to sit up straight.

My Favorite Perfumes

Has someone ever walked past you and left a beautiful scent in their wake? Has anyone ever asked you, “What perfume are you wearing?” Have you ever smelled a perfume or scent that immediately brought back wonderful memories, or just made you feel nice?

Some women have a signature scent and I think that’s an important part of being an elegant woman. I, myself, have a few special scents. Right now, I only have a couple of perfumes, and they aren’t my ideal scents. I don’t know what happened! I just ran out and never got more. I was thinking about all of the perfumes I’ve had and loved and the ones I’d like to have again. Scents bring back memories, and your nose remembers far more than your eyes, in my opinion. You can be walking around the mall one day and you get a whiff of a scent you haven’t smelled in years and all of a sudden, it’s after gym class again, and you’re dousing yourself with CK-1. And that’s another good point!

A dainty woman never reeks of perfume!  Your perfume shouldn’t be able to be noticed unless someone is close to you, and even then, should be subtle. A dab or spray on the pulse points: behind the ears, on each wrist, and some on the décolletage is more than enough. If the perfume is very light, a light spray on your hair is very nice!

Cheap fragrances smell like cheap fragrances! Cheap doesn’t have to mean inexpensive. I’ve enjoyed some inexpensive perfumes in my life. But some dollar store or designer imposter perfumes can be very off-putting.

These are my favorite fragrances of all time:

Charlie by Revlon–This was my grandmother’s (on my dad’s side) signature scent. I called her “Nona.” Nona wore Charlie everyday and everything she owned smelled like Charlie. I liked the way she smelled but I don’t like it straight out of the bottle or on me. I guess it’s true about frangrances smelling different on different people. Charlie White is more my taste.

Charlie was introduced by Revlon in 1973. Charlie was the first perfume ad to feature a woman wearing pants!  (

Strawberry Oil from the Garden Botanika—My mom used to go to the Garden Botanika and just pick up this oil. It smelled like strawberry bubble gum! I loved it. Too bad there’s no more Garden Botanika where I live!

HeartAnother Garden Botanika favorite. Heart is actually their best selling fragrance according to the website. This scent is light and absolutely delicious. You have to smell it to believe it.

Navy White– I used to wear this when I was about 11. I must’ve got it as a Christmas present. It came in a little circular bottle with a navy blue top. The perfume itself was creamy white and I think it had a moisturizer in it. Very light and subtle but very pretty.

Chanel No 5– Another of my Nona’s fragrances. I never smelled it on her, but it was on her dresser and I kept it after she died. I looked up the shape of the bottle and found that it’s over 20 years old. It still smells lovely. I wear it sometimes. I like the way it smells but I think I wear it more because it’s Chanel no 5 than because I actually like it.

Revlon Streetwear Scent in “Fling”-I wore this scent when I was around 12. Flirt came in a little silver bottle and smelled like vanilla and candy. I can’t find it anywhere so it must be discontinued but Britney Spears’ Fantasy is very similar. I don’t know what’s wrong with Revlon because this scent was great.

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport– This may be the closest thing I have to a signature scent. It came in a tall, clear frosted bottle.  I wore it from around 16 to 22 (I’m 25 now) and have since run out. I may just get it again! It’s very strong so a little goes a long way. It’s an unmistakable scent and anyone would remember it. It’s classy and fresh.

K de Krizia-This perfume makes me think of the holidays. My mother used to wear it. It’s spicy and warm.

KenzoAnother perfume of my mother’s (I used it all up on her!). Kenzo came in a bottle shaped like a leaf and smelled as green and fresh as a rainforest. It was floral and fruity and wasn’t too strong.

Tommy­– Yes Tommy, not Tommy Girl. My friends and I would wear Tommy before Tommy Girl came out because it just smelled so good! I think it should’ve been a unisex fragrance because it smells even better than Tommy Girl.

Escape by Calvin Klein– A strong perfume that smells like sweet flowers. A good one for special occasions.

Jovan White Musk– This perfume is pretty cheap at less than $15 a bottle but it smells very good. It does have that musky smell but is very light-hence the “white” in the name. My fiancé liked this one! It’s important not to overdo a light scent. You might think that others can’t smell it on you because your nose becomes desensitized or used to the scent. Don’t worry! They can smell it! Too much of the scent (especially if it’s cheap) can give you and others a headache.

CK one– This was a big deal to the girls when I was in high school. It was soo cool to have a unisex scent and it smelled dreamy…My fiancé and I bought $10 bottles of fake CK one and CK Be (another favorite) thinking they were real. They were most likely watered down versions.

Gap Scents– All the Gap scents were coveted in high school. The girls would carry tiny bottles in their purses and spritz “Dream” and “Heaven” to their hearts content. “Om” is also good, but “Grass” and “Dream” were my favorites. Even now, if I were to come upon one, I’m sure I would be reminded of high school.

Opium– My mom got this as a gift for Christmas. It was a moisturizer, not the perfume. I thought it smelled so sophisticated, and reminded me of woodsy/spicy incense. Strong yet warm without the alcohol smell of cologne.

I hope I didn’t forget any! Please let me know what your favorite scents are and if you like any I’ve listed!!

Addicted to Surgery!!

We all know we  have cosmetic surgery as an option to stay young looking and beautiful. But some go to extremes and instead of enhancing their features, they have them altered until they are almost unrecognizable.

Meg Ryan:

 Nicole Kidman

Courtney Cox

by denee34

 Rose McGowan has great pictures of lots of celebrity surgeries gone wrong…

Happy Halloween!

It’s not so happy this year because it’s raining and I see no kids on my street so far!! But it doesn’t matter!

jack 1

Darn that stupid night vison!

jack 4

                                          My autumn decorations~~I bought the pumpkins at the grocery store and the candy dish from the dollar store. The rest is from Michael’s craft store. I spent around $20 for all of it!

three little pumpkins

dollar store candy dishautumn decor

autumn centerpiece

Dried Roses

My fiance brought me home a beautiful bouquet of roses

But they were starting to wilt so I am drying them. Can’t wait to see how they’ll turn out!

drying roses

Himegyaru Hair!

It’s not easy to get your hair perfectly puffed, even if it’s thick like mine! With all the weight from my hair, sometimes it gets weighed down at the root. I don’t believe in teasing your hair, because it damages so much and gets it very tangled.

To get volume at the roots, I spritz in some hairspray, and tip my head over. Then I blast it with the blow dryer while smoothing it with my hands.

I haven’t tried these bumpits things, they’re not really my style, but I think they would give a great himegyaru look.



Bumpits-Only $20 for a set of 4-buy 1 get 1 free 

Of course you need lots of bouncy curls. A curling spray and a curling iron or curlers will do the trick.

himegyaru hair

photo by murasku --photobucket

jesus diamante

Photo-Jesus Diamante

Himegyaru at Forever 21?!

So girls everywhere are obsessed with the himegyaru fashions of Japan. It’s hard to find clothes online straight from Japan that won’t burn a hole in your wallet! With a little imagination and a keen eye, you can steal the himegyaru look and be the envy of all your friends in America…or wherever you happen to be! Copy and paste the links to your address bar! Only inexpensive and reliable sites!

Think Pink!

Himegyaru want to look as pretty as a princess, and look to beauties from history such as Marie Antoinette for inspiration. Dress all in pastel colors paired with white. Himegyaru is all about looking like  polished, prim, and sophisticated lady.

For Everyday:

An adorable pink polka dot blouse-Only  $11.50!!:

 Paired with a professional pencil skirt–$15.80–forever 21                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Charlotte Russe Shoes–$26.99–buy one get one $15!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     You need lots of accessories! A himegyaru is anything but plain!

Faux pearl ring–$4.80 forever 21

 Pin/Clip–$5.80 forever 21

Pin this to a hair-tie and leave it around your wrist for a cute bracelet-when you put your hair up, clip this to your pontyail!

Earrings–$6.80 forever 21

earrings Blue shoes--$26.99 buy 1 get 1$15--Charlotte Russe

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A romantic white lace clutch–Victoria’s Clutch by HeyLadyHandbags–$12.50

=tags&includes[]=title”]white lace clutch

Halloween Makeup!

Halloween is just around the corner! Here are some great costume ideas…

Poison Ivy by Kandee! This one is funny–go to 3:50 to skip the intro and go straight to the makeup

Cleopatra by Kandee again

Corpse Bride by MissChievous–this one is pretty freaky!

This is a soft Geisha inspired look–great for a party! by MichellePhan

Check out Huffington Post for funny celebrity Halloween costumes. Not like Bernie Madoff masks but actual celebrities wearing Halloween costumes. Please don’t wear a Bernie Madoff mask!