Dolly Eyes

Dolly Eyes

Warning!! In America, it is illegal to get any kind of contact lenses without a prescription!

We have all heard of colored contact lenses, and most of us wonder what we would look like with a different eye color.

Have you ever wanted bigger looking eyes? Or…pupils?

Atropa Belladonna was used by Italian ladies to dilate their pupils. This was thought of as beautiful, hence the name Belladonna or “beautiful lady.”

Atropa Belladonna——————————————–

Asian women wishing to look more doll-like can get contact lenses that make their eyes look bigger.

These “Circle” contact lenses, “Geo Eye, or “Dolly Eye” lenses can be found on the Korean website, among others, but this one seems to enforce the prescription rule. You must have a prescription from your optometrist to purchase these lenses. Other sites are,, and,