I came upon this website quite a while ago, just puttering around on the internet, wondering what I could do to be “elegant” and “classy.” But I really didn’t know what that was.


How to be Elegant

This article explains it all!

Elegance is not just being lovely. If you are conscious of all of your actions, from the way to dress to the way you walk across a room, you can be elegant. Think of it as a kind of meditation. Being elegant can encompass the whole of a life–just stop to think of how you want to do any one thing: how you want to deal with an argument, how you want to dress, and how you want to socialize. Elegance is not about money. It’s about demeanor and philosophy. It’s just as important to care for yourself as it is to care what others think about you. If you are “true to yourself,” others that are of like minds will flock to you. I feel like this has been said many many times, but Eunice, the creator of the site, explains it all so well. She tells that the root of the meaning of the word “elegant” is “authentic.” So care enough about yourself to wonder, “what makes me authentic?” And then you will be on your way to being elegant.